Invitation to 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds ENP Americas Regional Performance Clinic
ISAF is pleased to formally invite all MNAs from membership groups M, N, O and P to register their interest for attendance at the Americas Regional Performance Clinic of the 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds Emerging Nations Programme (YW ENP). Please see this letter for more details of how to register your interest as well as criteria used by ISAF in evaluating eligibility of attending nations.
The Youth Worlds ENP will be providing significant funding subsidies to one coach and up to three sailors (minimum 1 female) per emerging nation. This will give both the coach and their sailors a greater chance to build knowledge and further develop training schemes in their home countries, for future generations to benefit from.
The 7 day long regional clinic will feature an intense practical and theoretical programme, culminating in a 2 day mini regatta. The clinics will be providing generic coaching input for attending coaches, as well as covering class specific skills development for the young sailors, in order for them to become better all-round competitors. Participation in the 2015 YW ENP will also give MNAs the opportunity to apply for up to 2 ‘ENP Scholarships’ for sailors that have attended the regional clinic. If successful then ISAF will provide further financial subsidies to help with travel costs, entry fees and equipment charter costs for this year’s Youth Worlds event in Langkawi, Malaysia.
The ISAF Youth Worlds ENP will create opportunities for nations to receive further support through the IOC Olympic Solidarity funded programmes, and enable a pathway to Olympic level competitions through initiatives such as the 2018 ISAF World Champions ENP.
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If you have any questions regarding this programme that the attached letter does not answer then please contact me directly.
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