Semi – Annual Report to the

Pan American Sailing Federation (PASAF)

November 2012

Dear PASAF Member,

The Executive Committee of the PASAF have been very active since our last report to our members in July 2012. Below you will find all the news which we believe affects our members or is of interest to our members:

1)      Final slate of events and equipment for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto (TO2015). After much discussion on the slate proposed by the Executive Committee in July 2012 we have settled on the following slate which is “final” but for one possibility which is discussed in Point 2 below:

10 RS:X windsurfer Men

7 RS:X windsurfer Women

13 Laser Standard Men

13 Laser Radial Women

12 Sunfish Open

10 Snipe Open

8 Hobie Cat 16 Mixed

7 Lightning Mixed

7 J24 Open

The above slate is exactly the same boats which we had at the 2011 Pan American Games in Puerto Vallarta.

2)      Possible 10th Medal. Because we are being urged to make the 2015 Pan American Games qualifiers for the 2016 Rio Olympics we have approached the organizers of TO2015 for a 10th medal for sailing. If granted a 10th medal we would add the 49er Men or the 49erFX Women to the list in Point 1 above. The organizers of TO2015 have agreed subject to the approval of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO). We have approached Mr. Michael Fennel the Technical Director of PASO who has yet to answer us. Having the 49er Men or 49er FX Women is even more important now that they were chosen as “core” Olympic equipment by the ISAF Council last week which means that the 49er Men, 49erFX, Laser Standard and Laser Radial will be in the 2020 Olympic Games thereby giving our sailors a secure class to prepare for 2 Olympic Games. Please note that if a 10th medal is agreed we will necessarily have to reduce slightly the number of boats in other classes to accommodate the 49er as we will not be allowed to increase the number of sailors from the present 140.

3)      Qualifiers for the TO2015 sailing competition.  A Working Party is busily trying to assemble the list of qualifiers for each class. We expect to have this information very soon when we will send it to you.

4)      ISAF Technical Delegate (ISAF TD) visit to Toronto. Pat Bailey, the ISAF TD for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto has made his first site visit. Pat has written a comprehensive report which details many of the features of the venue for the sailing event, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, and its surrounding waters.

5)      2012 November ISAF Annual Conference in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Some matters of interest to our members were decided at last week’s ISAF Annual Conference. The ISAF Council considered over 100 submissions. Very few of the submissions were of direct interest to our hemisphere. Perhaps the most relevant was Submission 020-12 which requested the Council to reopen the decision taken at the May 2012 ISAF Council meeting which chose kites over windsurfers for the 2016 Rio Olympics. For procedural reasons this required a 75 % majority which was not reached although a significant majority, 68 %, did agree with the request to reconsider the decision. Also of interest to our hemisphere was the decision mentioned above to chose “core” Olympic events and equipment. As mentioned above the Laser Standard, Laser Radial, 49er and 49erFX were chosen as “core” Olympic equipment which mean they will be in the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Olympics wherever those are held.

6)      2012 ISAF General Assembly. The ISAF General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body of the ISAF. 106 of the ISAF’s 138 members were represented at the meeting on Saturday 10th November in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. By a majority the General Assembly rejected the May 2012 decision of the ISAF Council to replace the windsurfer with the kite at the 2016 Rio Olympics, as a result the RS:X Men and RS:X Women are back in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Another matter of interest was the elections for President and 7 Vice Presidents of the ISAF. 2 Vice Presidents from our hemisphere were elected. The full list is below:

President                     Carlo Croce (Italy)

Vice Presidents           George Andreadis (Greece)

Chris Atkins (Great Britain)

Adrienne Greenwood (New Zealand)

Nazli Imre (Turkey)

Gary Jobson (USA)

Quanhai Li (China)

W Scott Perry (Uruguay)

The above newly elected Executive Committee of the ISAF has a very good geographic representation.

7)      Santander 2014 Emerging Nations Program. Santander, Spain is the venue for the 2014 Sailing World Championship and the first opportunity for sailors to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Olympic Solidarity, the ISAF and Santander 2014 have teamed up to offer sailors from emerging sailing nations with limited resources a chance to improve their competitive edge and get involved in the Santander 2014 World Championship. The program is mostly aimed at RS:X and Laser (Standard and Radial) sailors. 5 courses have already been offered and in 2013 there will be a course offered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. If you are interested you should contact Teresa Lara ( or

Yours Sincerely,

PASAF Executive Committee