During the Pan Am Games the 2015 General Assembly was held.

Scott Perry (President) reported on the achievements of the last 4 years, David Covo (treasurer) presented the financial situation of PASAF and Coco Barreda reported on the planning for the sailing competition at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima Peru.

Outgoing President Scott Perry and outgoing Vice-Presidents Elizabeth Filter, Coco Barreda, Peter Hall and Cor van Aanholt were thanked for their contribution.

The new board consists of: 

John Bennett (President, BRA) and Pablo Masseroni (ARG) South America (2)
David Covo (CAN) and Jack Gierhart (USA) North America (2)
Ralph Nelles (MEX) Central America and Mexico (1)
Eric Tulla (PUR) and Hector Duval (DOM) Caribbean (2)

Lima, Peru, will appoint the 8th member

For a full report please refer to Minutes 2015 General Assembly / Acta de la Asamblea General 2015